Welcome to MyVinyl.Org(anizer)! The personal album organizer developed by The Hound!

The service is designed to help fellow album aficionados organize their music collection so albums can be quickly located regardless of media type. Along with several built-in filtering methods, each custom view is accomanied with its own QR Code that can be printed out and scanned with a phone for easy access.

Member's collections can be made public or private. If a collection is public, anyone with Internet access will be able to view it. If a collection is private, an access password is required to view the collection.


My personal reason for building this service is that I have a 100 disk CD player full of CDs. With this system, it is easy for friends and family to scan the QR code I've placed next to the player so they can find not only what music I have in it, but also see which position in the player it is located at.

Other uses for the service include:

Currently membership is only open to friends and family. Even so, I'm hoping it will soon be available as a service to public.

To get started, select a member's public collection you would like to view, then start filtering the results using the form at the bottom of the list.

DB Version: 0.0.16